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Kappa Delta Pi Awarded Women's Society Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Women’s Society of Washington University will be funding the grant "Unidos- Doubling the Success in a Bilingual Classroom" written by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society for education at Washington University. The literacy service project directly addresses and will provide support for bilingual students in the classroom and create a family lending library for multilingual families at Marion School in the Ritenour School District. Mr. Bilal Ewing, principal, and Geri Ross, teacher at Marion, Washington University graduate, and KDP past president have been instrumental in its planning. KDP has been pleased to partner with a number of schools in the Ritenour District for the past 6 years under the supervision of Superintendent Dr. Chris Kilbride.

Each year, the Kappa Delta Pi chapter at Washington University sponsors programs and services to: 1) initiate literacy projects in underserved communities in St. Louis, 2) build and respond to diverse learning communities, 3) expand teaching and instructional practice, and 4) foster collegiality and leadership opportunities.

We would like to thank the Department of Education for their continued support. The generosity of the Women’s Society continues to make a difference in the many lives of students, families, and the St. Louis community.