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Which master's degree program is right for me? 

Master’s Degree Leading to Certification

Are you a liberal arts graduate looking to take your knowledge and skills into the classroom, or a current teacher looking to further your education and credentials? Are you passionate about social work as well as education, or interested in working with children with hearing impairments? We have degree programs for all of these needs and can guide you through the certification process, putting you on the road to a successful teaching career. See details about our master's programs with certification below. 

Planning for Certification (Licensure)

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Master's Degree Only

You've already got your teacher certification, and you're ready to take the next step in your professional development. What's next? Our Master of Arts degree in Education (MA Ed) for Instructional Process offers multiple strands to help you reach your goals, with the option to focus on your existing content specialty or on science education. 

Master's Degrees + Certification

The Department of Education offers a number of degree options for those who seek to earn a master's degree leading to teacher certification.

MA in Teaching (Secondary)

The MAT program leads to a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in middle school or high school with certification in a variety of subject areas. Some subject areas (foreign languages, art, and dance) lead to certification in kindergarten through high school.

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MA in Education (Elementary)

Our Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed) degree is designed for liberal arts graduates interested in pursuing an elementary school teaching career. The Elementary Program prepares students to teach grades 1-6.

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Innovative Certification Program

For those who are already teaching in a classroom without certification, the Innovative Teacher Certification program combines a Master of Arts degree in Education (MA Ed) with certification while allowing teachers to remain teaching in their classroom. The program is one strand of the Master of Education for Instructional Process degree.

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MS in Deaf Education

The Master of Science in Deaf Education (MSDE) program trains teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, preparing them as professionals with the knowledge and skills to work in a variety of settings with children of all ages. The program is accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED).

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MSW/Master of Arts in Education (joint degree)

Students from this program earn a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the Brown School and a Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed) degree from the Department of Education in Washington University's Graduate School. MSW/MA Ed graduates will fill a significant local and national need for professionals who can address students’ social and emotional needs, as well as their academic achievement.

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Already have certification? 

Teachers who are already certified can earn a Master of Arts degree in Education (MA Ed) for Instructional Process by completing coursework in one of the following strands:

The Professional Development strand allows you to design a course of study, in conjunction with your advisor, that matches your interests and needs. Students in this strand may elect to do graduate level course work related to their content field or other education topics.

The Elementary and Middle Science Education strand involves specialization in the field of science education through coursework in such topics as nature, hands-on science, scientific inquiry, matter and energy, math concepts, sound and light, and earth and planetary science.

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