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The Department of Education is an interdisciplinary community that bridges the theoretical and research foundations of education, traditional academic disciplines (e.g., sociology, psychology, history), and the professional practice of education. Our programs of research span a variety of disciplinary perspectives, methodological approaches (e.g., quantitative, qualitative), and levels of analysis ranging from the individual to complex systems. Each of us works from a disciplinary perspective, but we embrace and utilize other perspectives because such disciplinary synergies are critical to understanding and impacting the complex world of education. Individually and as a community, we are working to change education and other systems that perpetuate inequity and inequality in our society as evidenced in our commitment to addressing systemic racism and achieving racial equity in Summer 2020 (click here for statement).  Further, our departmental theme of “Equalizing Educational Opportunity: Equity, Inclusion, and Success in Classrooms, Schools, and Communities” encapsulates this work.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs support students’ goals whether they would like to teach young minds, discover how humans learn, or better understand educational institutions and policies. Students have a chance to explore their interests, develop their skills, and begin their journey to a rewarding career. Conditions associated with education and youth development represent a problem space where persistent engagement and planning across political boundaries, health care providers, youth-serving organizations, and educational institutions are critical. We offer a vibrant student-centered community in which faculty and staff are invested in the mentoring and success of students. Many of our classes are smaller and thus allow for meaningful interactions with the education community.

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