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Graduate Programs

Which graduate program is right for you?

Master's Programs (with or without certification)

Are you a liberal arts graduate looking to take your knowledge and skills into the classroom, or a current teacher looking to further your education and credentials? Are you passionate about social work as well as education, or interested in working with children with hearing impairments? We have degree programs for all of these needs and can guide you through the certification process, putting you on the road to a successful teaching career.

Do you already have your teacher certification, and are you ready to take the next step in your professional development? What's next? Our Master of Arts degree in Education (MA Ed) for Instructional Process offers multiple strands to help you reach your goals, with the option to focus on your existing content specialty or on science education.

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Doctoral Program

Doctoral study in education at Washington University in St. Louis is aimed at strengthening and deepening the student's analytical understanding of education in both research and practice. Our doctoral program focuses on two major strands of study:

  • Educational Policy Studies
  • Educational Psychology

Students working toward a PhD in education are expected to acquire an understanding of education as a complex social, cultural, and moral/political activity and as a field of study with rich literature bases and strong ties to disciplinary knowledge, classroom practice, and a variety of technologies.

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Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education (GCPHE)

The GCPHE program is designed to provide an overview of historical and contemporary issues in higher education for those students who wish to gain a greater understanding of higher education research, policy, assessment and/or administrative practices. Current Washington University doctoral students who are interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education may begin taking courses pursuant to the Certificate upon entry into the University. 

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Maegan Ruiz on the WUSTL Danforth Campus

Arney Awarded Mindfulness Grant

The proposed study will test a newly developed emotional support intervention for teachers. The intervention will provide a toolkit of effective emotion management strategies and different ways people think about their emotions, including how to utilize mindfulness personally and how to be more mindful with their students.


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