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Education launches new Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education

The Department of Education is pleased to announce the creation of a new certificate program.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education (GCPHE) is designed to provide an overview of historical and contemporary issues in higher education for doctoral students who wish to gain a greater understanding of higher education research, policy, assessment and/or administrative practices.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education at Washington University in St. Louis encompasses three areas of study: Foundations of Education, Assessment, and Evaluation; Diversity and Inclusion in Education; and Critical Issues in Higher Education. Students interested in pursuing a GCPHE must take a total of either four courses (12 total credit hours) or three courses (9 total credit hours) and engage in a (3-credit hour) Mentored Professional Experience (MPE) through the Department of Education. The MPE must be approved by the Department of Education. During an MPE, a student would work with an administrative or faculty supervisor to gain deeper experience in the student’s particular area of interest in higher education. Examples of MPEs include working in an administrative office at Washington University (or another institution) or completing an institutional project related to program development, evaluation, or improvement. Each student must also complete a 10-15 page capstone paper that relates their experience during their MPE (if applicable) or their coursework and attempts to answer a proposed research question. Papers should reflect upon and synthesize what they have learned through their coursework related to higher education issues, policies and practices, and their MPE if applicable.     

Doctoral students must fulfill all requirements of the Ph.D. within their respective home departments, the Graduate School, and the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Program requirements as specified. Students in departments outside of the Department of Education must attain approval from their home department in order to officially enroll in the GCPHE.

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