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Department of Education Awarded Teacher Recruitment Grant from DESE

The Department of Education has received a $30,000 Teacher Recruitment and Retention Grant from Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the purpose of recruiting teacher candidates in hard-to-staff content areas such as special education, math, and science.

Special efforts will focus on male and minority candidates. The grant funds will be used to establish partnerships with local schools through Grow Your Own Programs, to recruit and select potential undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate secondary education majors through informational events and communication materials, and to provide high quality learning opportunities for candidates through guest speakers, campus visits, and fiscal support. Visits will be made to local high schools to create interest in our undergraduate teacher certification programs and current WU students in Arts and Sciences will be encouraged to double major in secondary education along with their content area. 

Congratulations to Dr. Michele Augustin and the rest of the Teacher Education team!