The Teaching-Learning Process in Elementary School


This course focuses on four broad areas: (1) self-awareness and human relations; (2) instructional and behavioral management strategies; (3) the development of curriculum and the analysis of instruction; and (4) social, political, and legal issues affecting the classroom. Topics include teacher-pupil relationships, assessment of pupil progress, curriculum development, instructional technology, and school organization. Course discussion and study further develop knowledge in a variety of areas that are experienced during student teaching, such as the refinement of pedagogy strategies and skills; the Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES) for certification; understanding diverse cultural perspectives of English language learners and how to select appropriate strategies for addressing individual needs in meeting curriculum objectives; incorporating strategies for individual student needs based on diverse backgrounds and prior experiences to deliver differentiated instruction; creating a positive learning environment through effective classroom management using strategies based on research and pedagogically sound techniques; developing reflective practices to improve teaching while understanding the importance of utilizing professional learning opportunities in school districts and professional organizations; understanding the importance of communication, professional relationships, and collaboration with teachers, administrators, families, and the community; and understanding the nature of professional, ethical behavior and the need to adhere to district policies and school procedures. Prerequisite: Admission to the teacher education program. Corequisites: Educ 470 and Educ 4911. Enrollment note: Undergraduate students must enroll in Educ. 4831, while graduate students must enroll in Educ. 6831.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; AS WI I

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The Teaching-Learning Process in Elementary School
INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Hollingsworth
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