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The Department of Education offers undergraduate and graduate degree options in secondary teacher education in the areas listed below. Art and foreign languages are K–12 certifications; all other areas are for grades 9–12. In each case, the certification program involves a major in Education and a major in the appropriate academic area. If you would like information about the secondary 9–12 or K–12 major, consult an education advisor as soon as possible.

If you would like information about a specific subject area major please refer to the appropriate department:

Washington University's teacher preparation programs provide the professional and subject area education that qualifies a student for certification to teach in the public schools. Requirements for secondary certification are mandated by the State of Missouri and can be found on the state Department of Education web site.

Regarding subject area education, teacher education majors must select specific courses within their undergraduate content major to meet specific Missouri certification requirements; please consult an education advisor about these requirements as soon as possible, preferably by the end of your second year.

On the recommendation of the Department of Education, the Missouri State Department of Education will issue a teaching certificate to an individual who successfully completes a Washington University teacher preparation program. In the case of other states, additional study may be required to qualify for a certificate. 


Certification Requirements for Secondary 9–12 and K–12 Education

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