The Political Economy of Urban Education


Defining a political economy of urban education involves the examination of power and wealth and the manner in which they operate in urban settings. It requires analysis of the larger urban social and economic context and consideration of historical forces that have brought the schools to their present state. In this course, we consider various political and economic factors that have influenced and shaped urban education in the United States, drawing upon the extant literature on urban education and related social science disciplines to characterize and discuss them. A particular focus of this course will be on the dynamic interrelationships among the political economy, urban education, and social stratification. Undergraduate students must enroll in Educ. 4621, while graduate students must enroll in Educ. 5622
Course Attributes: EN S; AS LCD; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; AS SC

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The Political Economy of Urban Education
INSTRUCTOR: Jason Jabbari
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