Middle School Education Major

The Department of Education offers an undergraduate major in Middle School teacher education. The Middle School program prepares students to teach grades 5-9 and requires course work in two areas: professional education and in one or two subject areas.

Middle school (5-9) majors must either double major in Education and another subject field or complete two areas of concentration composed of specific classes from the fields of English, Science, Mathematics or Social Studies. Students who are completing ONLY middle school (5-9) certification may want to consider the latter option since middle schools are interdisciplinary in nature and teachers who have expertise in more than one content field may have an advantage in the job market.

Students who wish to do BOTH middle school (5-9) AND secondary school (9-12) teacher education must complete all of the requirements for both certifications including two student teaching experiences. Students completing both certifications should major in one subject area that can be taught at both the middle and high school level.

Because certification requirements are complex, interested students should consult an education advisor as early as possible, preferably by the end of their second year.

Washington University's teacher preparation programs provide the general, professional and subject area education that qualifies a student for certification to teach in the public schools. On the recommendation of the Department of Education, the Missouri State Department of Education will issue a teaching certificate to an individual who successfully completes a Washington University teacher preparation program. In the case of other states, additional study may be required to qualify for a certificate.


Certification Requirements for Middle School: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Science

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