Mentored Experience in Higher Education


The Mentored Experience in Higher Education (MEHE) is designed to be an opportunity for doctoral students to apply the knowledge acquired during their coursework in the Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education (GCPHE) toward an administrative and/or research experience in a particular area of higher education. MEHEs connect doctoral students with mentors in academic departments or administrative offices at Washington University or, by arrangement, an external institution. The doctoral student and mentor(s) collaboratively develop a plan for the MEHE and then present it to the GCPHE Advisor for approval. An MEHE must consist of 140 hours total over the course of a single semester of an academic year. Doctoral students may only engage in one MEHE per semester and they cannot be paid by the unit in which they are completing the MEHE. The MEHE should be the fourth and final course completed for the certificate, but exceptions may be made in special circumstances.
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Mentored Experience in Higher Education
INSTRUCTOR: Rowhea Elmesky
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