Leadership in Student Affairs


This course provides an overview of the field of student affairs; its related functional areas; role in higher education in the United States; and current issues faced by practitioners. In the context of this course student affairs is defined as those programs, services, and activities designed to recruit, retain, support, and develop students in college. This course concentrates on the leadership roles within student affairs in higher education institutions across the United States. Leaders in student affairs are regularly challenged to respond to the current and emerging needs of students, as well as to expectations from various stakeholders: faculty, boards of trustees, alumni, community members, and the government, as to the priorities for the student experience in higher education. Successful student affairs leadership requires the ability to understand the context of student affairs work including how and why student affairs emerged as an organizational entity within higher education; the critical issues faced by student affairs practitioners; and the various administrative functional areas that typically exist within the portfolio defined as student affairs on a college campus. This course is designed to provide students with an overview of student affairs as an entity from both an historical and contemporary lens; introduce students to the literature in the field and examine various theoretical frameworks related to the student experience in higher education; strengthen understanding of the standards that guide student affairs practice; and explore leadership theories and practices to apply to the review of the critical student affairs issues and strengthen student understanding of their own leadership styles in preparation for possible careers in higher education. Enrollment Note: Undergraduate students must enroll in Educ. 4833, and graduate students must enroll in Educ. 5833.
Course Attributes: AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; EN S

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Leadership in Student Affairs
INSTRUCTOR: Anna Gonzalez
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