Graduate Internship in Education


The Graduate Internship in Education is designed to provide graduate students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during their coursework in the graduate degree program toward an administrative, professional, and/or research experience in a particular area of education. Students will receive 3 units of credit for an approved, faculty-sponsored internship consisting of a minimum of 140 contact hours that relates to their program of study. Specific requirements are set for individual students by the faculty supervisor in consultation with the supervisor in the organization where the internship work is completed. Such requirements may include the completion of a certain number of hours, a research paper about the student's experience, and/or informational meetings with other faculty about the student's internship experience. Students should complete a learning agreement provided by the department. The internship should be completed in the final semester of the degree program, but exceptions may be made in special circumstances. Open to graduate students in the Department of Education only; register for the section assigned to the faculty supervisor.
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INSTRUCTOR: Michele Augustin
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