Field Experience Seminar


This course guides students through a field experience in a middle or secondary public school. Fifty hours of observation are required for each student; these hours involve observing and documenting classroom environment characteristics, professional teacher behaviors, and student behaviors; working with students individually and/or in small groups; preparing and teaching a lesson; and learning classroom technologies such as SMART Board and digital video recording and editing. Course topics, observation, and discussion include understanding diverse cultural perspectives of English language learners and how to select appropriate strategies for addressing individual needs in meeting curriculum objectives; incorporating strategies for individual student needs based on diverse backgrounds and prior experiences to deliver differentiated instruction; creating a positive learning environment through effective classroom management using strategies based on research and pedagogically sound techniques; developing reflective practices to improve teaching while understanding the importance of utilizing professional learning opportunities in school districts and professional organizations; and understanding the importance of communication, professional relationships, and collaboration with teachers, administrators, families, and the community as well as the nature of professional, ethical, and legal behavior and the need to adhere to district policies and school procedures. Prerequisite: Admission to the teacher education program. Corequisites: Educ. 4000/6000 + 400A/6001, 400D/600D, 400E/600E, 400L/600L, 400M/6006, 400S/600S, or 40SS/60SS unless approved by the Director of Teacher Education. Undergraduate students must enroll in Educ. 4843, while graduate students must enroll in Educ. 6843
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC

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Field Experience Seminar
INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Bockskopf
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