Education, Childhood, Adolescence, and Society


This course examines the social and developmental experiences of children and adolescents at the national and international level. Readings will focus on the development of children and adolescents from historical, sociological, psychological, and political perspectives. Students will examine how both internal and external forces impact the developmental stages of children and adolescents. Students will investigate the issues that impact children and adults such as poverty, war, media, schooling, and changes in family structure. Students will explore some of the issues surrounding the education of children such as the effects of high quality preschool on the lives of children from low income families and the connection between poverty and educational achievement. Students will focus on the efficacy of the "safety nets" that are intended to address issues such as nutrition, health, violence, and abuse. Throughout the course, students will review and critique national and international public policy that is designed to address the needs of children and their families throughout the educational process. Undergraduates must enroll in Educ. 313B, while graduate students must enroll in 513B.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC